Jack Nicklaus, in full Jack William Nicklaus, nicknamed the Golden Bear (born January 21, 1940, Columbus, Ohio, USA), was an American professional golfer, a dominant figure in world golf from the 1960s to the 80s Ohio. American golfer Jack Nicklaus won six Masters, five PGA Championships, four US Open titles, and three British Open titles in his 18 career championships. Jack Nicklaus earned his first of three career Grand Slams in 1966 by winning four majors, including the Masters, US Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship.

Jack Nicklaus earned more than $300,000 the following year, making him the first golfer to reach $2 million in a career on the PGA Tour. Over the next 25 years, Jack Nicklaus would win 18 major golf tournaments. Includes 6 Masters, 4 U.S. Opens, 5 PGA Championships and 3 British Opens. Championship golfer Jack Nicklaus is one of only five players (along with Gene Saracen, Ben Hogan, Gary Player and Tiger Woods) who Won all four career titles, dubbed the Grand Slam of his career, and was the second-youngest player to play. Won the championship in his fifth year as a pro at 26 (Tiger Woods in his fourth at 24). One of Jack Nicklaus’ courses is Muirfield Country Golf Club, which opened in Dublin, Ohio, in 1974 and has hosted the Memorial Tournament every year since ’76—the crown jewel of the PGA Tour. The Memorial Tournament is a 36-hole event played by that season’s Grand Champion.

Jack Nicklaus won the Open Championship at home, making him the only golfer to win three majors three times, and earned his third career Grand Slam, a record unsurpassed by Tiger Woods until 2008. In 2000, at age 60, Jack Nicklaus played his last PGA Championship with Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh. At 65, he played the Masters and The Open Championship again in 2005, announcing his retreat to St. Andrews during the tournament.

Palmer won seven majors, including four at the Masters, but never won a PGA title and ended his career without a major. Modest Kasper won 51 PGA Tour tournaments, his seventh, and three majors, including the 1966 U.S. Open, where he snatched Palmer’s coveted victory. Billy Casper isn’t considered one of Arnold Palmer’s big four. However, from 1964 to 1970, Casper won 27 PGA Tour events, two more than Jack Nicklaus and six more than Palmer and Player combined.

American golfer Jack Nicklaus won the Masters and the PGA Championship in 1975 and marked his sixth season in 1980 with at least two major wins at the PGA and the U.S. Open. American golfer Jack Nicklaus has also won six Australian Opens and was named PGA Player of the Year five times, thanks to a slew of equipment and awards that have led many to believe he is the game’s leader The most outstanding player in history. Jack Nicklaus has a career total of 73 PGA wins — second only to Sam Snead and Tiger Woods — and has a record of 18 wins in the four major professional leagues.