Golf has been a very popular sport. Millions of people around the world enjoy playing this sport every single day. Due to its popularity, many golf video games have been launched to emulate it. If you are a golf fan, you can also play slot versions of golf at online platforms like Austria.

The sport has been played for hundreds of years. It has certainly built up a collection of interesting facts and stories that are often forgotten or unknown to all but the most dedicated golfing community.

The longest recorded drive in the game was 515 yards

The record for the longest drive was set in 1974 at the U.S. National Seniors Tournament by professional golfer and kinesiology specialist Michael Hoke Austin. The historic occasion took place in Las Vegas at the now-named Desert Rose Golf Course’s Par-4, 455-yard 14th Hole on the Winterwood Golf Course. This is inconceivable, yet there is a ball over here, according to Hoke’s teammate Chandler Harper.

A Golf Ball Travels Farther on Hot Days

The effective energy transmission between a golf ball and a club is not as prevalent in cooler temperatures as in warmer ones. Since colder air is denser than warmer air, the golf ball is subjected to more drag and friction. The muscles of the golfer also function better when they are warmer. A golf ball typically travels around ten extra yards in warmer temperatures. However, the distance difference is not very significant.

Golf Was Played on the Moon

Golf is one of the two sports played on the moon’s surface. Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr.’s one-handed swing on the moon’s surface in 1967 raised the bar for golf to entirely new heights. The low gravity environment made the golf ball fly when he utilized a six-iron.

The world record for most rounds of golf played in a year is 600

Richard Lewis, a golf amateur from Dallas, shattered the previous Guinness Book of World Records record for most golf played in a year: 586 rounds. He played 600 rounds, a new record for the most recorded in a calendar year. He has even shot an 86 while playing as many as 54 holes in a single day.


While golf may have been invented hundreds of years ago, it is still a popular sport million worldwide. From club memberships to watching the best professionals in the world play on TV, golf continues to be an exciting, action-packed sport that attracts fans worldwide.