The Masters Tournament, hosted at Augusta National Golf Club, draws golf enthusiasts to Augusta, Georgia, for the first of the year’s four major championships—though no one at the Masters refers to the attendance as “fans.” They are solely referred to as “patrons” in this country.

This is just one of the numerous traditions that the 88-year-old festival cherishes. Here are some of the most cherished Masters Tournament traditions.


Aside from the golf, Augusta National is perhaps best known for its bursts of blossoming colour. More than 30 types of the blooming bloom on the course from March to mid-April, just in time for the tournament.

There are approximately 1,600 of them in hole number 13, dubbed “Azalea.” The Azalea Cocktail, a buzzy mix of pineapple and lemon juice, gin or vodka, and grenadine, is even the tournament’s unofficial drink.

$1.50 Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches

Given the Masters’ grandeur, you wouldn’t expect the concession booth to sell cheap, green-plastic-wrapped handhelds. But maybe that’s where the charm lies. Anyone who has attended the tournament knows that the pimiento cheese sandwich is not to be missed—even if the recipe has changed.

Green Jackets

The winner of the Masters receives the golf club’s signature emerald blazer, but it is technically only on loan.

Champions are handed the jacket on Sunday evening and are permitted to keep it until the following year’s event, when they must return it to Augusta National.

Some of the coveted green jackets have made their way into the hands of collectors, although Augusta National will not encourage or advise you to do so!

Landlines phones

One of the most rigorous rules at Augusta National is simple: no cell phones. That’s not to say customers can’t contact home to check in. Throughout the course, courtesy phone banks are provided… but they are only useful for individuals who still have phone numbers memorised.

Champions Dinner

On Tuesday night of Masters week, past champions dine together at Augusta National, and the reigning champion chooses the menu.

Sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and Yakitori chicken skewers are served as appetizers, and miso-glazed black cod with dashi broth, A5 Wagyu beef ribeye with mixed mushrooms and vegetables, and Sansho daikon ponzu are served as mains.

Personal Invitations

Every year, Augusta National sends an official invitation to all players who have qualified for the Masters Tournament. (These invites are extended to all previous champions for the rest of their lives.)

Because this is a polite tournament, an RSVP is required. Emails are now accepted, albeit we have to think that handwritten responses are rewarded.